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Capital Project wins District Heating Project of the Year 2019

Capital's project at Channel Islands and Kettering Road Estate for Enfield Council Homes has recently won the District Heating Project of the Year at the Heating & Ventilation News awards.  With the entire industry in mind, the H&V News Awards are specifically designed to recognise the achievements across the industry.

The H&V News Awards judging panel described the Enfield tower block retrofit as, “a clear winner with demonstrable innovation, excellence in installation plus wide benefits to the client and residents.”

Capital were commissioned to take on a retrofit project to 8 Tower Blocks with ECO funded external wall insulation and associated works to two Towers, a district heating project using ground source heat pump technology to four Towers and an Air Source district heating scheme to four Towers.

An innovative Ground Source Heat Pump scheme utilising a 205m deep communal ground loop which accesses stored solar energy beneath the ground was proposed for the Channel Island Blocks / Eastfield Road Estate. An innovative air source heating strategy is proposed for the Kettering Road Estate. External wall insulation is proposed to Dorset and Keys Towers.

The tower blocks were previously heated by direct electric underfloor heating, electrically powdered directly from Enfield Council's landlord supply. This was an expensive and high-carbon source of heat. The tenants had no control over the heating, which often led to them opening the windows to control the temperature. 

There was also no metering, so tenants paid a fixed monthly fee to cover heating, regardless of how much heat they required.Typical annual costs were £800 to £1,100 per flat, putting many tenants into fuel poverty.

Every flat now has its own heating and hot water controls and every tenant only pays for the heat they actually use. 

Because of the high efficiency of the heat pumps, heating and hot water costs for each tenant are now £350 to £400 per year. 

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