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Work Experience Placement

In August 2016 Capital Property Construction Consultants Ltd provided a three-day work experience placement for 16 year-old Khushaie Omode, who had expressed a keen interest in learning more about the property management sector.  Khushaie was placed with Capital via Urban Synergy, an award winning early intervention charity that has helped over 1,000 young people between 11-18 years of age, through the delivery of mentoring programmes and role model seminars.

During his three days, Khushaie visited several construction sites, took part in measured surveys and interacted with a range of different people involved with the delivery of major works projects.  The opportunity to shadow one of Capital’s Building Surveyors on a daily basis enabled him to gain an understanding of the job and what it involves.     

“I really appreciate the time and effort that Capital has put into helping me gain an understanding about how the development of property works” Khushaie Omode 


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