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COVID-19 Update

Our staff all have the capability to work remotely and we are limiting movement through public transport. Where possible we are utilising conferencing facilities, audio and or video to limit travel and gatherings. Where this is not possible, our staff will travel by car.

We have adopted prevention procedures and all our staff have been advised to frequently wash their hands, particularly when in and out of public spaces. We have hand sanitizers for use within the office and staff routinely carry these when out and about. We’ve asked our team to use extra caution when evaluating their own personal health and any vulnerable people they come in to contact with (i.e. only entering properties where fit and able people reside, rather than elderly people that are at greater risk). If our staff become unwell, we ask them and anyone they may have been in close contact with at work to go home and follow government guidance on self-isolation.

If you need to get hold of our staff, you should try in the normal manners of email and mobile phones. Any member of staff who is taken ill and is not working will have alternative contact arrangements on their email out of office and voicemail message.

If there is any subsequent Government advise changes or updates then we will come back to you accordingly with any updates to our plan.

In the meantime, our aim at Capital is to continue to maintain our high levels of services during these unprecedented times through our business contingency plans and back up facilities.


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