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Structural Engineers gain Membership to the Society of Facade Engineering

Capital Structural Engineers, Stave Davis and Ian Robinson, have successfully gained Membership and Associate membership (respectively) to the Society of Façade Engineering due to their vast knowledge and 50+ years joint experience of working on the design of new and replacement cladding systems and the investigation, assessment and repair of building envelopes.

The Society of Façade Engineering brings these people together in a forum where they can work together to advance knowledge and practice in facade engineering, promote good practice and ensure that today's increasingly complex building façades meet the many and varying performance criteria. In particular, it addresses the complex issues in building physics of thermal insulation, ventilation, lighting, solar control, and acoustics.

Further details of the Society of Façade Engineering can be found at https://www.cibse.org/society-of-facade-engineering-sfe/about-facades

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